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My Story

Hi, I'm Dr. Monica! I grew up on the east coast, have lived in Korea for 4 years and did my undergrad in New Zealand. You could definitely say I love to travel! 


I've always had a fascination for the human body and how it works. I used to ask my parents endless questions about food like, "What do bananas do inside of your body?' 'Why is salad healthy?' and 'Why aren't cookies good for you?" 

When I was in high school, our entire family was under chiropractic care. The doctor we went to became my role model. She was tall, smart and beautiful. I wanted to be just like her. She taught me so many things like the benefits of omega3's and the dangers of sugars.

This is where I really started to learn what happens inside of the body and that it’s not a mystery, you can actually figure out how it works!

From there the rest is history. I did my undergrad in chemistry and went on to study chiropractic in California. 

There are many techniques in chiropractic but the main philosophy is that our bodies can heal from the inside out. My specialty as a chiropractor is to identify the obstacles for each individual, and to help fix those issues! For some people, that looks like focusing on posture. For other people, we have to start by supporting their liver or digestion. 


One of my favorite parts of being a chiropractor is the challenge of learning more about the body. I love to take on tricky or unusual cases that push me to hit the books so that I can help even more people.


Thanks for stopping by to hear my story, and I look forward to meeting you and helping you learn more about your health!

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